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of the increased lobster harvest happening in maine that dana is talking about? >> you know, it's been a testament to the state of maine and the industry and the regulation that they have in place that has created the sustainable product. which now, you know, it's -- they are having more landing. but there's a lot that goes on between the live lobster that comes out of the ocean in maine and then ends up in the lobster roll. it comes off the dock, it comes to the processing plant and it is cooked, picked, processed and packaged. >> tell me about your business. you were featured on the show, shark tank. >> yep. >> that gave you capital and customers. you are looking at more growth. >> yes, we started 15 months ago, with one truck in los angeles. we are building the third truck. we have a little brick and mortar in paspasedena, we have everything that has to do with lobster. we are trying to shift -- >> this is just dana's accompanyment. >> why over think it. beer is great with lob sister. make it simple and get a beer that has a lobster his label. >> so, how is the falling price of lobster impactin
it cleaning power without any soap. joe dana reports. >> it's safe enough that you can drink it. >> he's so sure about the water system that he'll bet his health on it. >> it tastes carbonated water. >> he signed his first valley client. will this soapless chemical-free car wash being the industry standard? >> whether you talk about whether it's the wave of the future in general, it should be. >> reporter: house does it work. it's filtered, oxygenated and patented. >> we double the oxygen in the body of water and then the water is turning out this color. it's pretty much clear. there's no smell, no odor. this is very unusual for the industry. >> reporter: he believes this is just the beginning. >> we can oxygenate a bot of water and get the oxygen content pretty high and kill the algae naturally. our goal is to kill algae in swimming pools where you won't need in chlorine. >> we asked environmental list to weigh in. >> if you wanted to use that you'd have to go much higher than that. >> again, that was joe dana reporting. the company says independent tests show that he can oxygenate water t
records showed brown was making a cash deposit in a dana point, california branch. the cops felt they had cracked the case. a grand jury agreed and indicted jason derek brown for the murder of keith palomares. an arrest appeared imminent. >> we're getting close. zeroing in. >> reporter: but even as they seemed to be drawing ever closer to their prey, the fbi and phoenix homicide were also growing increasingly concerned that jason brown was far more cunning, desperate, and dangerous than nearly anyone they had encountered. coming up -- investigators are just minutes away from an arrest. but then -- >> the friend called him. >> and he hits the road. >> he's a ghost. >> when "dateline" continues. >>> one week after the robbery homicide that killed armored car guard keith palomares, phoenix police detectives and fbi agents believed they were closing in on their suspect, jason derek brown. a federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution had been added to state murder charges. >> there are a lot of means to try to track people down. we used every one of them in that case. >> reporter:
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)